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Ladies Shooting Vest Perfect For The Field
When it comes to our collection of ladies shooting vests, we always choose quality. Our shooting vests keep you warm and comfortable in the field, high-grade materials range from 100% British soft pure lambswool and durable tweed to 100% cotton twill and cosy velvet, with highly-technical, wind-breaking and water-resistant fabric technology options. Tweed is especially excellent for the outdoors, being moisture wicking and developed to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions of the Scottish highlands. Its thick, heavy-woven nature keeps heat in, as well as makes the fabric robust and sturdy, with natural moisture and wind-resistant properties. And, with our Teflon finish, we’ve upped its weather-resistant, as well as stain-resistant, properties for our women’s shooting vests, making it the perfect garment for on the field. We also provide excellent insulation, including high-quality satin lining, for additional warmth and comfort.
Ladies Shooting Vest Styles
We have an excellent range of shooting vest styles to choose from here at Schöffel to suit all your in-the-field fashion needs. With things like game-driven shooting still expecting a smart look that pays tribute to the honour of the sport, we hedge your bets here at Schöffel by ensuring that all our ladies’ shooting vests are smart, practical and stylish. Our Nehru shooting vest has a stylish cut, with comfortable, velvet shine and a timeless Nehru collar, perfectly stylish for the city while perfectly robust and durable for the country. This garment makes you stand, with ruby, kingfish and expresso colour options. Alternatively, our Ladies All-Season Shooting vest gives you exceptional all year round, with a smart, twill cotton look and comfortable cut, with robust five-horn buttons. For less ideal conditions, our Ladies tweed shooting vest has a neat, smart look with vibrant Iona and Herringbone options. The garment is stain resistant, meaning you can keep stylish for longer outside. All of our women’s shooting vests pair exceptionally well with our breathable, high-quality women’s formal shirts, giving a comfortable, smart fit for that game-driven shooting day. They also pair perfectly with our shooting jackets, with an adjustable back for that flattering feminine shape.
Functional Fashion Of Women’s Shooting Vests
At Schöffel, our shooting vests are more than just pretty and sleek, they’re ultimately practical, durable and give complete freedom of movement to the wearer. Vests like our Ladies’ Tweed Shooting vest sport excellent, essential storage capacity, with internal chest pockets and reinforced bellows pockets for holding shooting cartridges. Our vests work seamlessly with our waterproof shooting coats and jackets and trousers, always allowing you to put your best foot forward when in the field no matter the weather.
Schöffel’s Shooting Heritage
With over 200 years of experience in the outdoors, Schöffel knows that quality clothing is clothing that always serves you in both practicality and style with no compromise whatsoever. That’s why we use the finest materials available to bring out the best in comfort and warmth for our shooting clothing collection, from our durable, high-quality shooting vests and trousers to our ultimately robust Ptarmigan shooting coats. We blend reliable, sturdy tradition and modern innovation to produce the best shooting vests and clothing on the market. Browse our shooting selection and always approach shooting day in the country with absolute comfort, style and ease of movement.