Women’s Shooting Jackets

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The Quality of Schöffel’s Women’s Shooting Coats
Here at Schöffel, we are a specialist brand when it comes to country wear and shooting coats. The success of our country range started with the Ptarmigan shooting coat which was designed with incorporating shooting and sporting expertise. By combining innovation, technology, style, and quality, we have produced superb women’s shooting jackets and coats with the goal of enhancing time spent in the field and enabling peak performance in field sports. Our ladies’ shooting coats and jackets have been specially designed to be 100% waterproof, windproof, and highly breathable due to our premium materials and advanced technologies. Available in tweed made from wool and neutral tones such as browns, greens, and blues designed to blend into the country landscape. With retainer straps and drain holes for easy cartridge access and sporting cuts for ultimate lift and stretch so you don’t feel restricted as you need to swing and move on the field.
Women’s Shooting Jackets Styles
Different from country coats, women’s shooting coats are suitable for wearing outdoors all day in any weather. Designed with technical easy-to-move materials and colours that blend in with nature, these make perfect use for field sports such as shooting and hunting, with storage aspects for hunting goods. Crafted with 100% British Milled Tweet is our popular Ptarmigan women’s shooting coat, available in various styles with rich tonal shades. Alongside being made with 100% lambswool, these ladies’ shooting coats are highly durable, 100% waterproof, and windproof. With high loft insulation, moisture and stain repellent, and more, this women’s hunting coat is great for country sports. Great for country walks or field sports, our heavier women’s shooting jackets made from Venturi laminate fabric offer waterproof and windproof benefits. The Sutherland Stalking Smock is the perfect outdoor layer for walks, with elegantly tailored side vents for freedom of movement during countryside walks and boasts a classic fit. For a more contemporary sport fit for field sports, the Rockingham II women’s hunting is a great option. For a more lightweight fitted women’s shooting jacket, our Teal shooting coats made with Venturi 2-layer lamination is the perfect layer to keep you warm while on the field. It’s comfortable and combines light insulation with a waterproof soft outer fabric so it’s bulk free and fit for all weather protection. The lightest ladies’ shooting coat to date is our Teal Ultralight. Also made with Venturi laminate, it’s warm, water-repellent, and breathable. Both are available in two stylish colours including blue and green.
Women’s Shooting Jackets for Lifestyle and Activity
With Schöffel, you can be ready for any activity in any weather. With unique waterproof, windproof, and breathable materials you can wear our ladies’ country shooting coats in the field all day. Specially designed for shooting or hunting, these coats are made with materials that make it easy for you to move on the field and have retainer straps and drain holes for easy access to carry and hold sporting and shooting goods. Our women’s hunting jackets are designed to be used for shooting sports, but you can also use them for any use in the field or the countryside. Whether you are going for a brisk walk or a hike, watching, or partaking in sports such as hunting or fishing, know that you can battle any rough terrain in the field. You can wear our women’s shooting coats casually or for everyday use due to the flattering style and feminine fit, as well as offering the extra benefit of being warm and waterproof. With detachable hoods and many other features, you can transform these coats to fit the occasion or weather. And with all coming in neutral colours, it can match any attire, whether it be shooting or casual. We do offer more lightweight shooting coats which is better fit for everyday use, but we also have a wide range of casual women’s country coats available.
Schöffel Ladies Shooting Jackets And Attire
With our innovative technology combined with quality and style, we believe our ladies shooting coats makes us a market leader for field sports apparel. With material that is easy to move and breathe on the field and the added aspects for holding and carrying cartridges and other hunting goods. Not only are our women’s shooting coats designed for hunting and other field sports, but it also offers the benefits of being warm, comfortable, and waterproof fit for the country terrain in any weather. Complete your outfit with our various women’s shooting shirts and our women’s shooting trousers all designed with country terrain and field sports in mind.