Our Philosophy

We combine innovation, tradition and genuine passion to engineer the best country clothing. We continue to innovate and evolve into an ever-changing future for the countryside.

For three decades, we have prided ourselves on upholding our four brand pillars:


We produce the most technical, well-designed and reliable gear for all conditions; clothing that will enhance your experience in the countryside.

Country Sports: A Way of Life

We are truly passionate about country sports – they’re not just hobbies or pastimes: they’re about bringing people together who have a shared point of view.

Countryside: Love it. Live it. Breathe it.

We don’t just understand the country way of life – we live and breathe it every day. It is our sanctuary, and we care deeply about it. It has shaped who we are.


We are committed to supporting the conservation and management of the countryside, and we recognize the role that country sports play in managing habitats and supporting a rich and diverse array of wildlife.