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What are men's country ties?
Men’s Country Ties are often in colours such as red, navy blue and green and these are often printed silk ties, often with animals such as game birds, or fish, like a salmon or trout. Mens shooting ties should be muted to match the shooting outfit, often tying in with the tweed fabric of the jacket or Plus Two's. Mens country ties shouldn’t be too bright and garish, so as not to scare the birds.
What are Schöffel men's ties made from?
Our Waltham Silk Men’s Tie is crafted from 100% silk. This luxurious tie is ideal for the shooting season, or the working week. It comes in an array of classic colours, and features the Ptarmigan bird on it, an icon of the Schöffel Country range. Our silk shooting cravat is also made from silk, but with a microfleece lining for added warmth around the neck. The Towelling Shooting Choker is crafted from terry towling, a woven fabric that provides a high absorbency rate, perfect at keeping you warm and dry in bad weather.
Schöffel Country silk men's tie designs - the Waltham Tie
The popular Waltham Tie now comes in five wonderful colours, adding the Purple Ptarmigan, and Burnt Orange Ptarmigan to the range this AW20. The Purple colour matches many of our knitwear range, and looks fabulous worn on the colourful landscape of Scotland. The Burnt Orange is a fun colour, great for bringing a pop of colour into your country outfit. This printed silk tie is an excellent choice for the shooting field, or the office, with a lovely printed Ptarmigan bird on the front. This subtle yet stylish tie would suit any discerning gentleman, and pairs excellently with Schöffel Plus Two’s in our various tweeds.
Silk shooting Cravat
Our Silk Shooting Cravat is a lovely alternative to the traditional tie. Coming in three colours, this versatile piece is a smart option for any well dressed gentleman. The red cravat has a subtle cartridge print, which from a distance looks like a polka dot pattern, making it suitable for country sports, but also general use.

The Ochre colour has a smart print of stags on, and this soft yellow colour goes superbly with a country shirt. The Dark Olive Cravat is perfect for the shooting field, blending in seamlessly to the landscape and matching our range of men’s shooting coats and jackets superbly.
Towelling neck choker
The Towelling Neck Choker in Dark Olive is a fabulous accessory to keep your neck area dry on cold and windy days. Made from terry towelling, a woven fabric which provides high absorbency, this choker has Schöffel embroidery and is a useful piece for wet shooting days.
When would you wear men's country ties?
A men’s tie is an essential item for a formal occasion, and worn with a suit or a shooting outfit, a tie adds a wonderful burst of colour, and a touch of style to your outfit. A tie is excellent at picking out the subtle colours in a tweed jacket, and when co-ordinated with a pocket square in a tweed blazer, a stylish and smart look is created. Fieldsports have always been a supporter of good turnout, and it is good etiquette to wear a tie whilst shooting.
What should you wear with a men's country tie?
The best thing to wear with our Men’s Country Ties is a classic shirt, and an item of knitwear from our collection in a complimentary colour. The Burnham Tattersall Classic Shirt is an excellent choice for country sports, and with a silk tie is a traditional look for the shooting field. Paired with an Oakham fleece gilet, for an insulative warm layer, you are guaranteed to look the part.
What are the differences between men's country ties & cravats?
A men’s tie is worn at the neck, and the tip of the tie should sit just above your belt line. A cravat is a piece of cloth which is tied around your neck for decorative purposes, and it is made from wider fabric than a regular tie. The Cravat originated in the 1630’s, and it was first worn by Croatian mercenaries, enlisted by the French. They knotted cloth around their necks, linens being worn by the soldiers, and fine silks by the officers. The word cravat comes from the french word 'cravate', which came from the mispronunciation of the word 'croate' meaning Croatian. The Schöffel cravat has a microfleece lining, providing warmth and moisture wicking materials. The Towelling Neck Choker is an excellent choice for wet weather, and a great alternative to the silk cravat.