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Schöffel Men’s Shooting Vests & Gilets

With over 200 years of experience in the outdoors, Schöffel practically lives and breathes the country lifestyle. Our unique blend of high-quality practicality and style create fieldsports clothing that always make you feel comfortable and confident in the field. With robust, reliable fabrics like wind and water resistant Teflon-treated British-milled tweed, as well as a smart multi-functional, pocket design that includes cartridge pockets with bellows and horn buttons.

Men’s Shooting Gilets & Vests Materials
Our excellent selection of men’s fieldsports gilets and vests comes in a variety of high-quality materials great for everyday life and the outdoors, including breathable, durable cotton, tweed and fleece.
Our 100% cotton is highly breathable and great for summer with a lightweight feel and a durability great for handling the British countryside. Due to its moisture absorbent properties, the cotton also keeps any sweat off skin, preventing irritation in the heat.
Alternatively, when it comes to breezier, wetter and colder seasons, our tweed options for our men’s shooting waistcoats are utterly terrific. Our tweed is 100% British milled, with a dense, durable weave that is wind and water resistant as well as keeps heat in during colder days. With the addition of a Teflon moisture and stain resistant finish, our men’s tweed shooting gilet and vest options are perfectly capable of handling whatever the British countryside throws at them and are easy to clean.
When wanting to keep warm is paramount for the coldest of days out in the field, nothing beats our incredible Pontetorto technical fleece. With a structured yarn, our fleece offers a smooth, lush appearance with complete breathability and warmth, as well as an expert, technical technostretch ideal fit that accommodates your frame for full freedom of movement. This makes for an excellent men’s fleece shooting gilet and vest that is incredibly warming and insulating without any restriction, and pairs seamlessly with our men’s shooting coats for ultimate cosy comfort out in the field during colder days.
Men’s Shooting Waistcoats
Fieldsports waistcoats like our Holcot men’s tweed shooting waistcoat offer a professional, sleek look perfect for more formal occasions like game-driven hunts or even off the field at sophisticated country clubs. The tweed is 100% British-milled with a moisture and stain resistant Teflon finish, making it the perfect midlayer for days outdoors. Coming in vibrant, classy arran and loden green herringbone, with the unique twist of a stylish nehru stand-up collar, these robust, fieldsports waistcoats are the perfect mix of traditional reliability and modern, tailored confidence while still having plenty of storage with bellowed, cartridge pockets.
Men’s Shooting Vests & Attire
With over 200 years of experience in the country lifestyle, here at Schöffel we know what makes quality fieldsports clothing. Like all our clothing, our premium men’s shooting vests are highly durable, comfortable and versatile. Our high-quality fabrics and fabric technologies work together seamlessly to bring you clothes that are long lasting and are always working to serve all your needs no matter the conditions on the day, with a confident, tailored and timeless look that always keeps in step with the latest styles and pairs well with our men’s shooting coats as well as our men’s sports jackets like our Belgrave. Browse our spectacular selection today and find that forever men’s fieldsports vest for you no matter the season!