Men's Shooting Jackets

From traditional tweeds that take pride of place in the shooting field to more...

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Functionality of Men’s Shooting Jackets and Coats
Our shooting jackets and coats offer great comfort and protection when used on the field during shooting or hunting. With incredible GORE-TEX waterproofing technology, durable Venturi lining, as well as insulation, windproof benefits and highly-breathable materials, they're a must-have for in the countryside. As field sport clothing experts, our shooting jackets for men are crafted with the finest fabrics, which will not only give you great functionality but will last the rigours of the countryside.
Men’s Coats and Jackets – Materials

When it comes to our men’s shooting coats and hunting jackets, we offer a luxuriously durable, 100% British-milled Lovat tweed option that’s always robust and sturdy with a quality weave perfect for our men’s tweed hunting jacket options. Tweed is naturally wind and water resistant, with a dense weave that keeps heat in on colder days, and we’ve upped its capabilities with a moisture and stain resistant Teflon finish. Alternatively, we also have Cordura, a high-grade, soft-to-touch, non-abrasive fabric that’s wind and water resistant.

When it comes to perfecting our men’s shooting jacket weatherproofing to its ultimate form, we use high-level, waterproofing fabric technologies like GORE-TEX and our own personally-developed Venturi 2 layer laminates. GORE-TEX is great for when you go hunting in rainy weather with a waterproof membrane that keeps threats out while remaining porous enough not to trap sweat. Meanwhile, for the coldest and wettest of conditions outdoors, our ultimate weatherproofing Venturi technology options are fantastically robust, with a closed membrane that has no openings or pores for water and wind to slip in.

All of these high-quality materials and fabrics work together to make our men’s hunting coat and jacket options always support you in your country and daily pursuits, whatever the weather in the field. For further comfort, our men’s shooting jackets also incorporate smart GORE-TEX Z-LINER and Schöffel Ptarmigan lining that’s always breathable and soft-on-skin, preventing rub.

Our Men’s Shooting Jackets

Great for any time of year and weather, our men’s shooting jackets offer a more lightweight option for the field. Our Gunby Jacket is comfortable and functional for hunting, with a tough softshell fleece which allows free movement while shooting and water-repellent benefits to help keep you dry in downpours. With functional aspects such as large bellow cartridge pockets, reinforced shoulder protection and a recoil pad, this men’s hunting jacket is a must-have.

Our Men’s Shooting Coats

From lightweight options to heavy-duty men’s shooting coats, you can find the perfect one for being out on the field. Our Ptarmigan collection of men’s shooting coats has everything that you need. Our ultralight men’s shooting coats, such as the Ptarmigan Cirrus Coat, which offers all weather protection, hand-warming pockets and an underarm gusset to provide freedom when hunting, or our Ptarmigan Ultralight II coat, which is 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable, with durable Ventruti 2 layer lamination and inside zip security pockets.

Our Ptarmigan Evo and the Ptarmigan Extreme II are not only weatherproof, but have a GORE-TEX Spider liner making them the perfect hard-wearing and practical shooting coats with large bellow cartridge pockets and retainer straps. For the perfect medium, our range of Ptarmigan Classic men’s shooting coats come in timeless designs which uses the Cordura fabric, providing the ultimate comfortable, durable and waterproof coat with light insulation, bellow pockets and retainer straps. And for a stylish shooting coat for men, the Ptarmigan Tweed Classic coat is made with 100% British milled tweed. Ideal for use on the field or as a general lifestyle piece, this men’s tweed shooting coat offers waterproof benefits, insulation, GORE-TEX Z liner as well as bellow pockets and retainer straps for hunting.

You can also find premium and luxury men’s shooting coats in our collection. Such as our Snipe Coat II with a Venturi 2 layer fabric, insulation and waterproof properties with recoil pads, large bellow pockets and retainer straps. And finally, our coat which is great for any time of year and offers a classic fit with Venturi 3 layer fabrics, side-vents for ease of movement on the field and an internal security pocket.

Men’s Shooting and Hunting Coat Fits

When it comes to fieldsports, complete freedom of movement is essential for enjoyment and safety. You can’t line up your shot well if your arms are restricted by ill-fitting, tight clothing, while clothing that is too baggy a fit for your frame will snag on mother nature’s bramble and thorns. This is why we offer a range of fits for country gentlemen’s different body types here at Schöffel.

Shooting jackets with our classic fit are fantastically roomy, with a generous, relaxed cut that offers full freedom of movement, especially for the arms. Meanwhile, our tailored sporting fit offers a stylish, more closer-to-body look for the slimmer gentleman, with enlarged armholes for expert mobility when partaking in sporting activities.

Practical Men’s Shooting Jackets and Coats For Fieldsports

When it comes to meeting your everyday and country lifestyle needs, here at Schöffel we have over 200 years of experience to draw from. Our men’s shooting jackets and coats options always have you covered, with expert breathability and fantastic storage bellows, as well as high-grade inbuilt recoil pads to safeguard arms during firing. Not only are our men’s waterproof shooting coats and jackets easily able to stand up to whatever the country weather throws at them, but they’re also quick drying for extra convenience when outside.

Whatever the weather, our men’s hunting jackets and coats are the best attire to have when on the field. Once you’ve got the perfect luxury men’s shooting jacket for hunting season, pair it with a lighter men’s shooting vest and complete your look with our men’s shooting trousers. If you have any questions about our men’s hunting coats or jackets, feel free to contact us, our team is always happy to help!