Men's Shooting Accessories

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Men's Country Shooting Accessories
When it comes to making the perfect men’s shooting accessories, Schöffel has over 200 years of experience in the outdoors to fall back on. Like with the continued success of our world-class Ptarmigan waterproof shooting jackets and coats, we bring the same high-quality fabrics and innovations to our premium range of men’s shooting accessories, from our men’s shooting hats and ties to our luxurious-on-skin men’s shooting socks.
Men's Shooting Hats & Caps

We have an excellent collection of men’s shooting hats and caps for the field, ranging from tweed to cotton and cotton wax options. Tweed hats like our Newsboy cap, Classic Tweed and Countryman perfectly complement our tweed Ptarmigan shooting coat and shooting trousers set as well as shirts like our Tattersall, with a hand sewn peak to keep rain off your face. Our robust fieldsports tweed is 100% British-milled lambswool, and treated with stain and moisture resistant Teflon, meaning that these hats will protect your head and won’t soak through when out in the field when the weather turns.

Meanwhile, when it comes to hot days in summer, cotton shooting hats like our Beeley Bakerboy and Rowsley can provide the expert relief you need. The cotton is 100% British military grade twill, designed with eyelets for advanced breathability and sewn peek to keep the sun’s glare out of your face. Alternatively, for warm days with showers, our wax cotton caps are also an option, being 100% percent waterproof and highly durable.

Men's Silk Shooting Ties
Our vibrant selection of men’s shooting ties make for an excellent option when in the field for game driven events, as well as country clubs and the office. Ties like our Waltham are 100% silk and come in rich, deep colours like purple Ptarmigan and beautiful burnt orange, with elegant, Schöffel exclusive pattern options. This silk tie always stands out and goes exceptionally with our Lattice Shooting Sock and men’s Plus Fours.
Men's Shooting Socks

When it comes to your everyday pursuits and country lifestyle, we make sure that you’re always kitted out with the best of the best, and this even extends to your feet. Shooting socks like our Ptarmigan II, Herringbone and Teigh are gartered, with a reinforced heel and toe for durability, and come in a wide range of vibrant colours and patterns. They’re also made out of high-quality merino wool, which has expert moisture-wicking properties perfect for keeping your feet dry and cool while you’re active in the field. The merino is highly cushioning as well as antimicrobial, ensuring that you’re always comfortable.

Alternatively, cotton shooting socks like combed cotton sock box selection are highly breathable and come in colours and designs like Ptarmigan dark teal to bordeaux stripe mix. These socks are incredibly comfortable all day, perfectly moulding to your foot with super soft 100% cotton and stretchy elastane.