Explore Fly Fishing

Explore Fly Fishing

Unparalleled quality and performance


For 28 years, we have prided ourselves at Schöffel Country for designing and manufacturing the finest game shooting and country clothing that money can buy. And over the years, we have repeatedly been asked by our customers to produce a range of fly fishing clothing to match the quality, design and standards that we set with the inception of the Ptarmigan Shooting Coat range in 1994. Well, 28 years on, we believe we have done just that.

Welcome to the brand new world of Schöffel Fly Fishing…

After three years of development and stringent testing on rivers in England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Russia and Argentina, we are extremely excited to be able to share with you, our brand-new Schöffel Fly Fishing range. Designed and engineered around the same guiding principles upon which the Schöffel Country brand was built – namely quality, durability, attention to detail and, most importantly, technical performance in the field – we are confident that this product range will continue to do what we have always strived for: to enhance your experience in the field and, from now on, on the water, too.

Unparalleled quality and performance

The design and development of the Schöffel Fly Fishing Range was a truly collaborative process which started in early 2018 when CEO and owner, Peter Schöffel, and brand director, Marcus Janssen had a conversation about their respective passions for fly fishing. A seed was planted that day, and several months later, our vastly experienced product development team flew to the UK from the Schöffel headquarters in Bavaria, Germany, to begin their field research.

After visiting numerous fly fishing stores and scrupulously examining as many products as possible over several days, Marcus asked them one question: “Can we do better?” Gladly, their response was a resounding “yes”. And so began our three-year quest to develop the best quality, most reliable range of technical fly fishing clothing on the market.

Utilising the very best and latest fabric technologies from the likes of GORE-TEX® and Toray Dermizax, 200+ years of tailoring expertise and lifelong passions for fly fishing, combined with elegant, classic British styling, we believe that our range offers discerning fly fishers next-level quality, reliability and durability.

Introducing the brand new Fly Fishing range from Schöffel Country


The Schöffel Mayfly Jacket was designed specifically for travelling anglers, for those, like us, who have a thirst for adventure and endlessly changing horizons. ​

Incredibly lightweight, it will take up almost no room in your duffel or backpack, but when you need it, it offers unparalleled performance and weather protection for a packable jacket, thanks to its ground-breaking Toray Dermizax nylon face fabric and thoughtful design. 100% waterproof, and incredibly breathable, it is a jacket for exploration, in any climate. ​

Whether you are tackling the tropical downpours of the Bolivian and Brazilian jungle in search for golden dorado, pacu or arapaima, or a facing late-season squall in the Scottish Highlands whilst searching for elusive trout, the Schöffel Mayfly will keep you dry, comfortable and focussed on what really matters – feeding your thirst for adventure.  


We’ll cut to the chase. The design brief for the Schöffel Salar was simple: make the ultimate wading jacket for the most discerning of anglers. And we believe that we achieved just that. ​

With an ultra-tough GORE-TEX 3-layer laminate ripstop fabric that is guaranteed to keep you dry, season after season, and literally dozens of clever features, it really is the jacket that does it all. ​

If you are looking for ultimate weather protection and durability, for complete freedom of movement, and for features that really make sense, perform perfectly and genuinely enhance your experience on the river, this is the jacket for you. 

One Percent for the Atlantic Salmon Trust

We have pledged to donate one percent of the turnover generated from the sales of our fly fishing range to the Atlantic Salmon Trust (AST), a charity dedicated to the conservation of wild salmon and sea trout at sea and in fresh water environments. Through research, advocacy and action, their core aim is to support these iconic fish and give them the best chance of survival.

Owner and CEO Peter Schöffel

Peter is the sixth generation of his family to take the helm at Schöffel, the eponymous, family-owned firm based in the small town of Schwabmünchen in Bavaria. A keen outdoorsman and skier, Peter is also a vastly experienced and avidly keen fly fisher, having fished in as far-flung places as British Columbia in Canada and remote corners of Iceland, as well as on his picturesque home waters in the Alps.

Brand director Marcus Janssen

Marcus has been a passionate angler for as long as he can remember. Introduced to the fine art of fly fishing at the tender age of five or six by his father and grandfather, his interest in fishing soon grew into an obsession which endures to this day. Over the years, he and his brother have fly fished all over the world, from Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand to the UK, Europe, Russia, Canada and America. 

Stringently tested, invaluable feedback

Our team in Germany produced five prototypes of each jacket, and we duly sent them to some of the most experienced fly fishers in the UK – guides, ghillies and genuine experts – who took the jackets on trips to Iceland, Norway, Russia, Argentina and, of course, here in the UK, over a period of four months.

And their feedback? Each and every single one of them said that they wouldn’t hesitate to buy their jackets. Yes, they had some suggestions for ways in which we could fine-tune them, but the resounding message was that we had made an impressive start. One tester, Gary Champion, a vastly experienced guide and fly-casting instructor, had the following to say about the 3-layer GORE-TEX® wading jacket (Schöffel Salar) which he tested over a period of four months. “This is the best wading jacket I’ve worn for comfort, protection, and accessibility of pockets in 45 years of fly fishing,” he said:

“I have been using the jacket on Midfjardara (Northwest Iceland), one of the top salmon rivers in the world, whilst guiding. It has been superb in all weathers; offering freedom of movement for casting and assisting clients, protection from high winds, and, over the last week, keeping me dry in driving rain. I very much look forward to seeing and wearing the finished item.”

Another top fly fishing guide had the following to say about the lightweight jacket (Schöffel Mayfly):

“I have owned a number of lightweight packable jackets from top brands, and this one unquestionably outperformed any jacket I have previously worn, even in heavy, heavy rain. Very impressive; I can’t wait to see the finished article. I will certainly be buying one.”

In addition to their positive reports, all five product testers also provided us with invaluable constructive feedback – little tweaks that would improve the jackets – all of which we took on board and implemented.