Schöffel Country spent time with four current students to learn what it is about the Royal Agricultural University and their course that they love so much, their aspirations for the future and why it is so important to encourage more school leavers into higher agricultural education.

Anna, Dylan, Connie and Harvey are all current students at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester studying Agricultural, Equine Science, Farm Management and Business.
They are all passionate about their love for the countryside and want to help encourage and inspire school leavers from all different backgrounds into higher agricultural education.

Schöffel Country spent time Anna, Dylan, Connie and Harvey to discover why they chose to study at the RAU, what they love about student life and help inspire our next generation.
Established in 1845, it was the first agricultural college in the English-speaking world. The University motto is 'Arvorum Cultus Pecorumque'; a quote from Virgil's Georgics, it means 'Caring for the Fields and the Beasts'.