Fly Fishing

It's in our DNA

For 27 years, we have prided ourselves at Schöffel Country on designing and manufacturing the finest game shooting and country clothing that money can buy. And over the years, we have repeatedly been asked by our customers to produce a range of fly fishing clothing to match the quality, design and standards that we set with the inception of the Ptarmigan Shooting Coat Range in 1994.

Well, 27 years on, we believe we have done just that.

Welcome to Schöffel Fly Fishing. Our brand new collection that has been generations in the making.

"When I am standing in a river, I am in nature, I am out there and I am totally immersed in it."



The interaction between Schöffel and GORE-TEX® results in products that are protective and comfortable, perfect for extreme weather conditions. Schöffel has been working with GORE-TEX® to deliver highly functional clothing for over 30 years.


In Venturi, Schöffel has created its own high quality weatherproof clothing technology, with the membrane providing the utmost protection, so the wearer can be sure to enjoy a unique outdoor experience, whatever the weather. Venturi is a closed membrane, soft to the touch and with no openings or pores through which water or wind can penetrate.