Men's Tweed Clothing

Crafted using British milled tweed with pure lambswool, the Schöffel men's...

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Schöffel Men's Tweed
When it comes to men’s tweed clothing, you’re no better served than at Schöffel. We have an excellent selection of 100% British Milled tweed for men available, all woven and sourced from Lovat Mill, located in the Scottish Borders. Our tweed is made from 100% pure lambswool for expert comfort, with Teflon moisture and stain resistant finish for added protection when outside.
Schöffel Ptarmigan Tweed Classic Coat
With over 200 years of experience in the outdoors and the country lifestyle, Schöffel has practically grown up alongside tweed. With its dense weave and natural wind and water resistance, tweed ranks as one of the oldest outdoor fabrics and it remains just as reliable today as it did in the early 1800s Scottish highlands. Ever since its launch decades ago, our iconic Ptarmigan Tweed Classic Coat has kept many country enthusiasts and men in the field warm, dry and comfortable no matter the conditions. And, we’re always refining its perfection further with the latest technologies! We take every success of our comfortable, 100% lambswool British-milled Lovat tweed and up it with robust Teflon stain and moisture resistant laminate as well as next-level, insulting and waterproof GORE-TEX Z-Liner technology. We ensure the weather of the British countryside never gets in, while keeping things entirely breathable, warm and comfortable with microfleece lining so that your extended trips outdoors are always a pleasure not a pain.
Men's Tweed Plus Fours and Plus Twos
Perfectly complementing our men’s tweed fieldsports jackets, our highly durable tweed Plus Fours and Plus Twos are perfect for extended periods outdoors in the field even in the wettest of conditions. They’re durable and high-quality, with a smart, well-structured design that stops four inches below the knee for water to skip off instead of soaking the trousers. There is also an elasticated buckle for perfect fit with your boots, leaving no opening for water to slip through. Further weatherproofing is provided by moisture resistant Teflon treatment and high-level, waterproof GORE-TEX technology to help protect your legs, keeping them comfortable and dry.
Men's Tweed Sports Jacket
Coming in classy Loden and Herringbone colours and patterns, jackets like our men’s Belgrave Tweed Sports Jacket give you a sleek, modern look perfect for the office as well as sophisticated garden parties, dining out, the Cheltenham races and country club events. The 100% British milled Lovat tweed is highly durable and robust with a dense weave, and with the addition of a moisture and stain resistant Teflon finish, is excellent at keeping pace with the elements out in the country so you can keep enjoying yourself while outside.
Men’s Tweed Hats
Tweed hats like our Barnsdale, Countryman and Tweed Classic hats are smart and specially designed with a hand sewn peak to keep rain off your face. Made from the same robust, high-quality 100% British-milled Lovat Tweed as our tweed coats and jackets, and with a stain and moisture resistant Teflon finish, these practical and sleek tweed hats are excellent for the outdoors, perfectly complementing our fieldsports jackets and a number of other garments.
When choosing legwear for the shooting field, the wearer must consider functionality first. Tweed Plus Twos and Plus Fours are perfect for wearing with Shooting Socks and Le Chameau Wellington Boots. They not only keep the wearer warm, but also dry as our Tweed Legwear options all come with a GORE TEX® liner which ensures they are both waterproof and windproof. Available in the matching Tweed to your Shooting Coat or Vest they maintain a smart look that will keep you comfortable all day long.