Men’s Quarter Zip Jumpers

The Schöffel Country collection presents men's quarter zip jumpers that provide ...

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Men’s Quarter Zip Fabrics
Our men’s quarter zips jumpers are versatile to wear out in the country and on formal occasions. Coming in colours ranging from racing green to sleek, modern grey, our men’s polyester quarter zip with premium cotton blend provides a smart look with next-level durability while remaining completely comfortable. Designed with technical features including robust YKK zips and constructed from the finest fabrics for ventilation, our men’s half zip jumpers provide breathability during the winter and summer months. Our premium cotton, soft lambswool, and cashmere men’s quarter zip fleeces are both functional and stylish garments for all activities.
Men’s Cotton Quarter Zip Jumpers
Our men’s cotton quarter zips are ultra lightweight and highly breathable, perfect for breezier periods during spring. Our Cotton French rib and Bude come in a variety of colours, from country green to French navy and oat, providing comfort and moisture-absorbent properties that keep sweat off the skin. For a softer touch, our Pima Cotton men’s quarter zips excel, with increased durability and strength that is perfect for the country trail while remaining stylish. Our classy Exeter quarter zip jumper for men incorporates 100% cotton heavyweight peached jersey for an even more durable, insulating garment. Great for long country walks and garden parties on a breezy day while still keeping you completely comfortable with a soft-on-skin feel.
Men’s Alpaca Quarter Zip Jumpers
Our Aviemore Alpaca Mix men’s quarter zip jumper ranks top with alpaca jumper men’s options, providing an ultimately lush and cosy look. With our premium blend of Nylon, Merino and Alpaca wool, this men’s ¼ zip jumper is practical and comfortable with fantastic durability. Coupled with high breathability and warmth, this garment is just perfect for chilly days on a country trail or cosying up to the fireplace on a cold, winter night.
Men’s ¼ Zip Cashmere Jumpers
When it comes to luxurious cashmere jumper men’s options, you’re no better served than with our next-level men’s Cotton Cashmere quarter zip blend. Through the power of durable and breathable 100% cotton and the incredible warmth of cashmere wool, we provide you with a jumper that’s durable and cosy for those wintery long country walks while also remaining super soft on the skin.
Men’s Quarter Zip Lambswool Jumpers
Men’s lambswool ¼ zip jumpers like our Forres and Tain options are lightweight and provide that extra soft feel, keeping you comfortable and warm with a flattering cable-knit. There’s also our Fortrose option, for a smoother, lightweight look. Our lambswool jumpers are incredibly smart, and perfect for sophisticated garden parties and walks in the colder months. Alternatively, our lambswool aerobloc options provide additional protection against chilly winds, making for a perfect midlayer for country walks during colder months.
Schöffel’s Premium Quality
At Schöffel, we use the finest quality designs and materials in order to make sure that our clothing is always comfortable and versatile whatever the time of year. With our men’s quarter zip jumper selection, we provide smart, highly functional garments that always serve you as you go about your day, whether on a brisk walk on a breezy, warm day, attending a garden party, relaxing at home or just day-to-day travel in the colder months. Due to their versatility and always smart, modern look, our men’s ¼ zips are highly convenient and decrease the need to keep changing outfits on a busy day, making your life just a bit easier. Browse Schöffel for smart men’s quarter zip jumpers that always serve you well no matter what!