Men’s Country Jackets and Coats

Here at Schöffel we have an excellent men’s country jacket and coat collection...

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Carron Jacket Navy

Water Resistant

Carron Jacket Charcoal

Water Resistant

Carron Jacket Forest

Water Resistant

Carron Jacket Bordeaux

Water Resistant

Preston Wax Jacket Bracken

Water Resistant

Preston Wax Jacket Navy

Water Resistant

Preston Wax Jacket Navy

Schöffel Men’s Coats and Jackets

Our men’s coats and jackets come in a variety of styles, from our luxurious 100% British tweed jackets and wax jackets to our cosy, men’s quilt jackets. Here at Schöffel we give you the jacket and coat perfect for you whatever the weather conditions, whether you’re partaking in long, country walks and farm work to jaunts to the local pub and travel to the city.

Men's Tweed Jackets

Our men’s tweed coats and jackets are the finest on the market, being made with 100% British milled lambswool tweed by Lovat Mill, located in the Scottish borders. This gives jackets like our stylishly smart Belgrave Tweed Sports Jacket a comfortable, tailored fit while keeping the garment highly durable, perfect for officer wear as well as outdoor activities like long, country walks and sophisticated garden parties. To further complement the natural, water-resistant and wind-resistant nature of the quality tweed, a number of our men’s tweed jackets and coats have a DWR Teflon finish incorporated to further perfect our weatherproof line.

Men's Wax Jackets

Men’s wax jackets like our Preston Wax Jackets are of the highest quality, providing high protection against the elements with water-repellent finish. This jacket is made from sturdy, 100% cotton and is beautifully crafted by British Mill Hailey Stevenson, with a warming and soft moleskin cotton collar and cotton twill lining that keeps heat in. This jacket is perfect for everyday activities, completing any outfit with a vibrant and smart, stylistic flair.

Men's Quilted Coats

When it comes to men’s quilted jackets, our Barrowden jackets are top of the line, offering expert warmth, with a robust 100% polyester outer fabric and water-resistant finish that easily deals with wet weather and winds. With satin lining providing a warm, comfortable insulation, this coat is perfect for evenings out with friends and family as well as long, country walks and farm-related activities.

Fabric Technology Materials

When it comes to fabric technology innovation, Schöffel always offers top of the line, perfect for the outdoors. Our highly durable British Lovat Mill tweed is naturally water and wind resistant due to its dense weave, with additional DWR Teflon enhancement, and has a comfortable, smart fit. Meanwhile, our moisture non-absorbent Cordura is incredibly robust and abrasion resistant. For further weatherproofing to deal with the harshest of elements, a number of our men’s waterproof jackets and coats incorporate GORE-TEX technology, a breathable, waterproof membrane which keeps rain and wind out while remaining porous enough to avoid trapping sweat, which is especially great for summer downpours.
With over 200 years of innovation in the outdoors, Schöffel has also put its own hat in the ring by developing Venturi, a fantastic, closed membrane waterproofing technology fabric that is soft-to-touch. Designed without any pours and openings for wind and water to slip through, Venturi has all your country and outdoors covered, keeping you protected, warm and dry even in the face of the harshest weather.

Schöffel Country Coats and Jackets

At Schöffel, we provide premium country clothing that always keeps you warm and comfortable. With over 200 years in the country lifestyle, suffice to say we know what makes good men’s country coats that serve you more than well during your country and everyday pursuits, from long walks in the country to sophisticated garden parties and evenings out. Our stylish men’s jackets and coats are reliable and comfortable, always using tested, breathable fabrics and the latest fabric technology available, from British pure lambswool and Lovat Mill tweed to high-level, waterproof and weatherproof GORE-TEX and VENTURI. We’ve cultivated relationships with the best in the industry, finding like-minded people who share our passion for quality and everything the country has to offer.
And, when you buy from us directly here at Schöffel, you cut out the middleman, giving you the best price for the best men’s country coats and jackets on the market!