Women's Tweed Clothing

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Schöffel Ladies Tweed
At Schöffel, we believe in quality. That’s why when it comes to our women’s tweed country clothing, all our tweed is made from 100% pure British lambswool and is ethically sourced from Lovat Mill, located in the Scottish Borders. Our British-milled tweed is highly durable, and treated with a moisture and stain resistant Teflon® finish, making our women’s tweed clothing especially perfect for colder, wet days in the countryside.
Schöffel Women's Tweed Coats & Jackets
When it comes to our tweed for women options, we have a deluge of truly fantastic coats and jackets available. From our stylish Portree Tweed jacket, just perfect for a day at the races with its timeless look and luxurious moleskin trim, to our next-level practical tweed Ptarmigan coat, here at Schöffel we have you covered for all your outdoor and style needs. Tweed is great for the outdoors because it is naturally water and wind resistant, and we’ve amplified these qualities exponentially with our high-grade, Teflon finish. Our Ptarmigan coats also include GORE-TEX Z-Liner technology for ultimate weatherproofing and comfort when out in the field, with micro-fleece lined pockets for additional warmth. With over 200 years experience in the outdoors, here at Schöffel we’re always proud to bring you premium, robust women’s tweed jackets that excel at keeping you warm, comfortable and dry no matter how the weather turns.
Women's Tweed Culottes and Skirts
We have a great range of high-quality tweed culottes and skirts available here at Schöffel. Premium culottes like our tweed culottes are both stylish and sleek enough for everyday wear and sophisticated garden parties, as well as highly durable with a moisture and stain repellent Teflon treatment that makes the garment great for outdoor ventures in the field. Alternatively, our tweed skirts offer a relaxed, smart, modern look with a country twist that just teems with feminine elegance. These practical skirts are warm, comfortable and provide great mobility, with the same Teflon finish as well as warmth that makes going outdoors a treat and not a bother. Perfect for everyday wear, sophisticated garden parties, trips to the city, and the country lifestyle.
Women's Tweed Accessories
Our women’s tweed accessories are perfect for completing any outfit, with a deluge of beautiful tweed caps and hats coming in vibrant Herringbone, Iona, Sussex and Arran styles. Our Ladies’ Tweed flat caps and Newsboy caps are smart and durable, with easy-fit and Telfon treated moisture and stain resistant tweed for those long country walks. For further coverage, our Bakerboy II and Barnsdale caps fit the bill with a hand sewn peak for facial protection during rain, perfect for country activities and long periods in the field.
Ladies Tweed For Fieldsports
Tweed and the outdoors have a long history together, and this is especially true with fieldsports. Tweed has a tight, robust weave, keeping warmth in and the moisture out, making it ideal for our range of ladies fieldsports tweed. Combined with modern fabric technology like our Teflon finish and GORE-TEX Z-Liners, these tweed jackets and coats excel in both form and function, making them perfect for long periods outdoors. Layer yourself up with a Schöffel tweed ensemble that brings you the utmost protection and warmth from head-to-toe while out in the field during colder, wetter weather. Keep the heat in with our fantastic women’s tweed vests, which provide complete ease of movement in a stylish, accommodating fit that never fails you in the field and works perfectly with our women’s field jackets and shirts.