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Schöffel Ladies Tops and T-Shirts
Our ladies t-shirts and tops range are made from 100% breathable cotton, and have moisture-wicking properties, keeping you cool in the heat. Long-sleeved country tops and shirts like Guernsey scoop and Mill Bay options are smart, durable, lightweight and come in a fantastic range of elegant colours, from beautiful Mykonos blue to ice grey, making for the perfect smart casual look when out-on-the-go, dining out, and country strolls. Meanwhile, ladies’ Sunny Cove shirts come in numerous fun colours and stripes, while country t-shirts like our Tresco t-shirts offer a clean, more casual look. Both these shirts are great for long walks in the country, day-to-day bustle or just relaxing at home due to their cooling nature of the fabric. Additionally, we offer more heavyweight cotton options like our Exeter Heritage rugby shirts are soft, warm and great for breezy days out in the countryside.
Women's Schöffel Blouses
We have an excellent selection of blouses available at Schöffel. Ladies blouse options like our Southwold and Chloe lines are vibrant and classy, coming in patterns like polka-dot as well as rich colours like camel and navy, perfect for sophisticated garden parties and evenings out. The clothing is also highly durable and non-restrictive, with breathable high-grade viscose, meaning that you can be active, comfortable and elegant at all times, making it also perfect for both those long, country walks, jaunts to the city, as well as doubling for office wear.
Our Materials
When it comes to our ladies’ tops, t-shirts and blouses, we use high-quality fabrics like 100% cotton and viscose options that feel light on your frame and give you that expert classic or tailored fit with full comfort. Classic fit allows for a more relaxed, softer look with the garments, while tailored fits are more sleeker in their cut and figure-flattering while remaining non-restrictive. Our 100% cotton top options are highly breathable, durable and super soft, being perfect for summer and able to deal with whatever challenges and hurdles everyday wear throws their way. Alternatively, our 100% viscose blouse and long-sleeved tops options are highly breathable and light, providing expert comfort in the heat while outdoors. Viscose is also a great layer for colder seasons when paired with our luxury fleece and jacket ranges.
Schöffel Tops for Country Living
When designing our top of the range clothing, we always have you in mind. Whether you’re taking a long walk in the country, attending a festival or dining out, we ensure that all your needs are met with stylish, high-quality clothing that’s soft on skin, breathable and versatile. Shop our exclusive collection of premium tops, shirts and blouses today at Schöffel Country and find a you that’s stylish and always comfortable no matter the day.