Women's Loungewear

Here at Schöffel we have an amazing selection of women’s comfy loungewear that...

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Types of Ladies Loungewear
We offer an excellent collection of women’s comfy loungewear, ranging from knitted leisure trousers to highly breathable hoodies, that are just perfect for rejuvenating days at home or nipping out to the shop.
Like all our women’s hoodies, loungewear hoodies like Fowley Knitted Leisure hoodies are highly breathable and soft on skin. Our loungewear women’s hoodies have a unique cotton silk blend that’s especially comfortable and durable without the bulk. They’re excellent for summer due to their moisture wicking and absorbent properties, as well as great as a mid-layer for colder days due to the benefits of silk-based insulation.
Lounge Trousers
Our lounge trousers have an expert cotton and silk blend that gives them the best of durability and comfort with a soft-on-skin touch, making these garments truly versatile and adaptable to you. These truly versatile trousers have a smart and flattering experience, being perfect for lounging at home.
Women's Loungewear Materials
Through the power of a silk and cotton blend, all our high-quality ladies’ loungewear hoodies and trousers are soft and lightweight. This unique blend of silk and cotton allows our women’s loungewear to be durable and breathable while remaining ulta-soft. It also provides our comfy women’s loungewear with moisture absorbent and wicking properties, keeping you cooler in hot weather when on-the-go. Alternatively, silk also insulates heat for cooler temperatures.
Women's Loungewear with Schöffel
At Schöffel, we know everything there is to know about high-quality clothes that always serve you. Our clothes use high quality, breathable materials that are reliable and provide next-level versatility, so you never feel restricted in your daily and country pursuits. This includes our women’s loungewear, which is soft and comfy for those cosy days relaxing indoors as well as expertly durable and stylish for outdoor activities. Because, why change when we can give you everything you need from the get-go?