Our Diary

Our Diary

Time Well Spent

This season we’re celebrating time well spent. We’re showcasing versatile fabrics and styles that take you from dawn until dusk, from home to overseas escapes.

This is your invitation to break free; to set sail on the winds of impulse and chase the sunrise.

With friends and family; at home or abroad, this is the season of sharing memories and cherishing moments.

Time Will Spent

Enjoying balmy summer nights at Cowes Week with your oldest friends; clearing the mind whilst fly fishing on the tranquil lochs of Mull; or discovering secret coves on the vibrant Amalfi coast.

The beauty of the outdoors beckons.

Stay cool in the midday heat of the Mediterranean; prepare for sudden downpours in the British countryside; dress to impress for barbecues and soirees.

This is what you’ve been waiting for.

This is time well spent.