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Schöffel Men’s Sweatshirts & Hoodies
Here at Schöffel, we believe in quality. Our fantastic range of high-quality men’s sweatshirts and hoodies keep you warm, comfortable and stylish for every season, whether as an excellent layer when braving breezy and colder months or casual wear in spring and summer. All our men’s country hoodies and sweatshirts are highly breathable, coming in a variety of styles, thicknesses and colours perfect to suit your every taste and need.
Men’s Sweatshirts
We have a variety of styles and colours available when it comes to our men’s cotton sweatshirts, ranging from country green to French navy. With stylishly elegant branding, sweatshirts like our French rib quarter zip sweatshirt men’s options provide you a sleek, smart look perfect for country walks and smart casual events like the country club in breezier months. The sweatshirt has a YKK zip for quick ventilation in heat, and is incredibly breathable, ensuring complete comfort during your daily and country pursuits.
Men’s Jersey Sweatshirts
Men’s jersey sweatshirts like our St Merryn and Buda quarter zip sweatshirts are incredibly comfortable, made from warm, durable cotton blend jersey and polyester fabric that’s insulating and always super soft on skin. These jersey sweatshirts are perfect for outdoor activities all year round, from the colder and breezier months to warm weather days, with hand warming pockets for the cold and robust YKK quarter zip great for quick ventilation when temperatures rise as well as layering when they drop.
Schöffel Materials
At Schöffel we only use the finest of materials for our garments to ensure comfort and product longevity, making it so you will always get the best out of our men’s country sweatshirts and hoodies all year round. Our 100% cotton is highly breathable and light, making it great for sweatshirts and hoodies during spring and summer heat. Being made from 100% soft-on-skin cotton, it also absorbs moisture instead of allowing it to sit on skin when undertaking light outdoor activity, preventing discomfort. Meanwhile our premium jersey cotton polyester blend offers a cosy, robust sweatshirt great for every season wear. This jersey blend has increased durability, making it perfect for long country walks and outdoor activities. It is also breathable and makes for a great mid-layer during colder and breezier conditions due to its thicker, more insulating material.
Schöffel Country Sweatshirts and Hoodies for Men
With over 200 years in the country, we know how to make quality clothing that stands up against and excels when faced with the challenges of daily wear, from our high-level GORE-TEX and Venturi technical coats to our luxury country leisurewear. Our men’s country hoodies and sweatshirts are designed to keep you comfortable as you go about your day, being made from highly breathable materials like 100% and with a smart aesthetic that makes it just as perfect for the garden club shindigs and jaunts to the pub as a high-quality layer for long, country walks and farm work. Browse our excellent selection of men’s sweatshirts and hoodies today for the best in comfort and style!