Men's Shooting Shirts

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Men’s Shooting Shirt Styles
We have an excellent selection of men’s fieldsports shirts to suit all your fieldsports needs, and come in a variety of colours like olive and red, as well as classic patterns like our men’s check shooting shirts. Sporting shirts like our durable Cambridge and Newton Tailored Sporting Shirts offer excellent practicality and modern style, with full freedom of movement for the arms. They’re smart, with a classic cutaway collar, as well as easily adjustable cuffs and tuck in.
Fabric Technology for Shooting
Fieldsports shirts like our Cambridge Sporting Shirt option are made from 100% cotton. Cotton makes for an excellent material when it comes to being out in the field due to its breathable and durable nature, with moisture absorbent properties that keep sweat from staying on skin. Our men’s cotton field shirts are perfect for keeping comfortable outside during warm weather days in Spring and Summer. Alternatively, for winter, we offer field shirts with wool blends like our Newton with tailored sporting fit. This quality blend incorporates the durability and breathability of cotton with the cosy, softness of wool for a heavy peached cotton and wool fabric mix mid layer with fantastically warming properties. The fit is also great for in the field because it provides even more freedom of movement with enlarged arm holes while still providing a sleek look befitting the quality materials.
Pairing the Men’s Shooting Shirts
Our men’s fieldsports shirts have a smart, modern figure that’s highly versatile. Our cotton fieldsports shirts go great with our selection of premium shooting trousers. Additionally, wool blend men’s shirts like our Newton Tailored Sporting Shirt perfectly complement our men’s Schöffel knitwear and fleece gilets like our Oakham, making for a cosy, warm and smart look that especially performs outside during colder temperatures.
Schöffel’s Shooting Heritage
With over 200 years experience in the outdoors and the country lifestyle, our men’s hunting shirts and fieldsports country clothing are top of the line with reliable, trusted fabrics and materials that always do the work. With things like the launch of our iconic Ptarmigan coat, which has been refined over the decades with high-grade materials and technologies like Teflon finish and GORE-TEX, we continue to work to make sure that you have high-quality, durable country clothing that serves you in your everyday and country needs. This is why our fieldsports shirt options rank top in the country market, helping keep you feeling comfortable and warm with expert reliability no matter the conditions.