Men's Country Knitwear

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Country Knitwear for Men
Here at Schöffel we have a variety of men’s country jumpers and knitwear to choose from. Ranging from pure lambswool and merino wool to luxurious cashmere, our men’s knitwear is cosy with expert fit and great for layering up in the colder months.
¼ Zip Jumpers
Our diverse collection of high-quality, smart quarter zips are warm and cosy, perfect wear for breezy, colder days, with a strong YKK zip great for quick ventilation and layering. The fabric is also highly breathable, with options for merino, alpaca, cashmere and cotton. Our cotton options are perfect for long country walks in summer, being lightweight and breathable. Meanwhile, for winter, we recommend our Cotton Cashmere quarter zip, which provides incredible warmth and breathability while increased durability for outdoor activity in the cold. Due to their smart, well-tailored classic cut nature, all our quarter zips are great for smart casual events like country club get-togethers and garden parties, keeping you warm, comfortable and stylish whatever the occasion.
Crew Neck Jumpers
Warm and cosy with a super soft feel on skin, our Schöffel men’s crew neck jumpers are made from 100% British lambswool and can be worn all year round. Our lambswool crew neck jumper collection comes in a variety of colours, ranging from mole and moss to sea blue and navy, with a classic understated style that’s highly versatile. They’re great for long, country walks and relaxing at home, while also being easy to dress up for more smart casual events with our Belgrave Tweed Sports Jacket and Christopher Chinos.
V-Neck and Zip Jumpers Options
Men’s lambswool jumpers like our V-neck and zip neck jumpers are highly comfortable and cosy all year round, with colours ranging from bordeaux and navy to rich toffee. Our V-neck and zip jumpers cut a sleek, professional look with a regular fit, easy to dress up with our men’s shirts and Christopher Chinos for more formal get togethers like the country club or office. Due to their cosy nature, these jumpers are especially great for autumn and winter, and will serve you well on long, country walks and chilly garden parties.
Men’s gilets like our Orkney merino and Aerobloc lambswool gilet are the perfect layer for being outdoors in the colder months. With a comfortable, regular fit, our Orkney gilet is incredibly warming and cosy, with expert, merino-powered moisture-wicking, making it great for long, country walks and outdoor activities during the colder months. Meanwhile, our classic fit Aerobloc lambswool gilet combines the softness and moisture-wicking properties of lambswool with the robust defence of an aerobloc liner to provide next-level windproofing to keep chilly breezes from penetrating and sucking away warmth. Another great thing about these gilets is that they come in a wide range of colours, including loden green and damson, and are highly versatile. Due to their smart look, they’re great for not just outdoor activities and country trails, but more formal events like garden parties, the races at Cheltenham and more.
Men's Knitwear Materials
Here at Schöffel we use the very best materials on the market to ensure that our knitwear is always cosy, warm and breathable no matter what.
100% Cotton
Our 100% cotton is highly breathable and lightweight, with robust fibres making it highly durable. It’s moisture absorbent nature helps keep sweat off skin, making it great for light outdoors activity and walks on hot days in spring and summer.
100% British Wool
We have an excellent selection of moisture-wicking, breathable wool available so you can get that ideal comfort on skin and warmth whatever the activity. Our range includes supersoft lambswool and alpaca to incredibly warm merino and cashmere. Our lambswool knitwear is highly resilient, breathable and soft, perfect for all year round use with its moisture-wicking, lightweight nature. Meanwhile, our cashmere and merino are of the finest quality and are usually favoured for winter and autumn as a mid layer due to their higher body warmth ratio and extra soft-on-skin feel.
Acrylic is incredibly warming and thick, making it an excellent midlayer material that keeps heat in even during the coldest of days. Men’s winter jumpers that use acrylic are also strong and durable, making it great for country walks and other outdoor pursuits in winter.
Alpaca and Lambswool blends
We have a few material blends here at Schöffel that really bring the best out in our clothing. Our alpaca wool mix is a blend of alpaca, merino and nylon, creating incredibly warm and durable garments that last long and are excellent for outdoors activities in the colder months. We also offer acrylic and lambswool blends, which are robustly warming and thick.
Country Knitwear For Men With Schöffel
When it comes to country clothing, Schöffel is like no other. With over 200 years of passion in the outdoors and country lifestyle, we know what fabrics, technologies and designs will give you the ultimate experience in practicality, comfort and style. We blend reliable traditional and modern cutting edge together, using tried and tested, high-quality fabrics and designs to ensure that our men’s knitwear is versatile, durable and always keeps you cosy and temperature perfect, whether taking a walk in the country, attending festivals and garden parties or going into the office. Browse our fantastic selection of knitwear today and discover ultimate comfort even when the chillier seasons set in!