Kings Arms x Schöffel Country

Words bySchoffel Cöuntry

July 20, 2021

Kings Arms x Schöffel Country

Schöffel Country is based in the heart of the countryside, in the smallest county in the UK, Rutland. It is important to us that we celebrate this heritage, whether it is by naming our famous fleece after local towns and villages, Oakham, and Lyndon, to celebrating the resident farmers and gamekeepers.

Our latest adventure has been spending time with chef and game expert James Goss in our search for local food heroes. James Goss and his wife Kate have been running The Kings Arms Inn in Wing since they married in 2015. Prior to this, it was very much a family passion project when James and his parents, David and Gisa, took on the lease of the 370-year-old inn back in 2004.

You get a feel for what kind of establishment this is before you even walk through the front doors. One side of the car park is lined with fruit trees, chicken’s cluck contentedly in a pen opposite and locals pop in with varying sizes of homegrown fruit and veg, game and anything else they have a surplus of that they know, James will make good use of. And that’s what’s so special about this pub, James isn’t just the owner, he is the also the Master Chef and a true ambassador of nose to tail cooking.

The countryside communities often lead when it comes to sustainability and for many years now, there have been calls for more ecological ways of growing, cooking, and preparing food. James truly takes this to the next level; even sending grey squirrel pasties out to Elevenses in a neighbouring village! The menu is diverse, ranging from Jimmy’s Hot Smoked Rutland Trout Pate to Stuffed Glaston Partridge, Glaston being a stone’s throw away and it’s no secret that the majority of Rutland is made up of a reservoir which happens to be full of trout.

Schöffel Country spent a few days with James, visiting local suppliers and learning the craft of cooking game in the kitchen. As ambassadors of the countryside, we’re proud to present this to the Schöffel community.

Bon Appetit.