Clare Brownlow collaboration

Words bySchoffel

October 13, 2021



A collaboration with well-known artist, Clare Brownlow. Together, we have created three shirts featuring
Clare’s iconic feather-painted designs including a kingfisher, salmon fly and feather print.



Each design was inspired by a part of the natural world that Clare lives and breathes. She talks us through the inspiration behind each design.

"The feather design was a no-brainer for me as the feather is the most important part of my work and the most unique part. I wanted to incorporate colour and make the subject pop and complement each other.

I adore watching Kingfishers on the banks of the rivers near us in Scotland. Their energy and power is mirrored in their bold flashes of colour as they dart around the water. I wanted to create a vibrant illustration of these wonderful birds and the colour contrast of the oranges and blues is nature at its best.

My family is somewhat obsessed with fishing and it comes as no surprise that I was asked to create the Salmon Fly Shirt. My eldest son loves tying flies and the creations that are a result of such a passion of his are out of this world!"

“We decided to partner with Clare Brownlow because she is bloody brilliant! She is amazingly talented and incredibly hard working, and she is a dyed-in-the-wool country girl who lives and breathes the country way of life,” says Marcus Janssen, Brand Director at Schöffel Country.

“Clare is also unique in that her stunning paintings are created using pheasant feathers as brushes, and they are fun, characterful and individual, and we just knew they would work brilliantly as shirt prints. Moreover, we are delighted to be able to support a British artist in this way.”


Clare has been drawing and painting since she was old enough to hold a pencil and brush. She was an Art Scholar at Uppingham and went on to study art at Edinburgh College of Art and Leith School of Art, where she specialised in atmospheric oil paintings.

After the birth of her first son, in a quiet moment at her parent’s kitchen table in Norfolk, Pheasant Feather Art was born. She picked up a pheasant feather from her father’s stash, dipped it in his fountain pen inks, and started “doodling”.

Clare took this idea back to Scotland, where she, her husband Charlie, and their two boys live. “I started painting chickens and friends’ dogs and people loved the result and suggested that I should do stationery and prints, so I did!

For more information and to visit Clare's Online Exhibition please click here


"The subject matter that I paint is mainly what I see around me.
I am so lucky to be living in Scotland with such a huge
amount of wildlife around us. I have grown up in the
sporting world and knowing all the different species, from
pheasants to lapwings and deer to bugs. I think that people
really connect with my work because it is somewhat of a cycle. The subject matter in the field is then recreated using the most natural of implements."

Country Life

"I have been stalking with my father, fishing, shooting, it’s in the blood. Then after all of that, I married a fishing obsessed country sportsman, so it is a completely natural part of my life. We are in the Scottish borders, so surrounded by nature and very close to some of the best sporting locations."

Pheasant feathers

"The pheasant feather came out of pure chance, the results
were like nothing I had tried before. The energy and directional splatter was unique and bought the images to life. No one had used this technique before and the result was so new and exciting. I started doing some wildlife and then it grew and
grew as my name got out there."