Improving Driven Shooting Technique with Ed Solomons

24th June 2022 by


Schöffel Country UK Sales Manager Paul Tomson headed down to Grimsthorpe Estate Shooting Ground in Lincolnshire to meet up with clay and game coach Ed Solomons to sharpen up on his technique, ready for the coming season.

Shooting History

Paul first started clay shooting at Grimsthorpe about 10 years ago. More recently he’s joined a local syndicate and shoots 3-4 driven game days per year.

Identifying the issues

To identify the areas where Paul can improve, he shoots a few targets that are indicative of the type of bird he would usually face, so Ed can see him in action and get the gun moving.

Problem 1 – Consistency

Paul’s biggest problem is consistency. 

His basic technique is OK, but he tends to insert the gun in front of the target which means he’s in front too early causing him to lose sight of the bird behind the barrel. To rectify the shot, he then slows the gun down and misses behind.


Insert the gun behind the bird. See the bird over the barrel, accelerate through the line of the bird and finish the shot.

This way, there is less chance of dropping behind the bird.

Ultimately it will be a much smoother and consistent shot.

Problem 2 – Weight Distribution

Paul’s weight distribution is 70/30 over his front foot which means when he comes into the kill zone, his movement is quite restricted and tight.  This causes him to start missing behind again.

This would be fine for a lower driven bird or crossers, but if he’s shooting higher, faster birds then you need to give yourself more room to move.


Adjust your weight distribution equally between your front and back feet. Push your hips into the shot and shoulders back.  This will give you between 15-20% more movement at the top.


When you are implementing new techniques in your shooting, give yourself some time.  It may take a while to get used to.

Practice getting your technique and movement right rather than breaking targets. When you get the mechanics of a shot right it will feel more relaxed and hopefully easier!

By practising this way you’ll also become better at identifying your own mistakes. If you can understand why it was a bad shot, you can learn to rectify it and then consistency will follow.

Thanks to Grimsthorpe Estate Shooting Ground & Hull Cartridge.

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