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Introducing our partnership with the Atlantic Salmon Trust.

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Who are the Atlantic Salmon Trust?

The Atlantic Salmon Trust (AST) is an organisation that exists solely for the protection of wild Atlantic salmon and sea trout.

Why do they exist?

The AST calculated that in the 1980s there were between 8 and 10 million salmon around the Atlantic. That number now sits uncomfortably at between 2 and 3 million. If this steep decline continues at the current rate, Atlantic salmon could become an endangered species in 10 years’ time with the risk of disappearing from our seas and rivers altogether by 2050.

The AST have created a ‘Likely Suspect Framework’ which explores the number of candidate suspects that may be impacting salmon survival. These range from things that might seem obvious – such as predators – to the less obvious, such as poor feeding due to water temperature changes. The AST research the entire salmon and sea trout ecosystems at key points in their life cycles. Once there is more understanding of what is having the biggest impact, we can truly start to make a difference.

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Where is the fishing link?

Recreational salmon anglers care deeply about our precious riparian environments and the plight of our wild fish. In fact, anglers have long suspected that salmon numbers have been in decline, and have highlighted their concerns for many years. And they are acutely aware that we need to act now if we are to halt and reverse this tragic decline. While catch and release is mandatory on most rivers, and has been for several years, there is still so much that we do not know about this enigmatic fish. So information – scientific data – is what is so badly needed to enable us to enact meaningful change or affect policy that can save our salmon.

Where does Schöffel come into this?

At Schöffel Country, we care deeply about our precious natural resources, our wildlife and our countryside. And we know that our actions today will have a direct bearing on the world that our children and grandchildren will inherit tomorrow. We would love nothing more than to see a complete reversal in this tragic decline of such an iconic and special species, and we believe that the AST can and will lead the way… but only if they have the funding that is required to enact real change.

With the launch of our fly fishing collection, Schöffel Country are partnering with the AST by donating 1% of total revenue towards their projects, research, and action. The corporate pledge will have an impact financially, but we will also be sharing plenty of information to raise awareness and educate our followers, shoppers, and browsers on how all of us can make a difference.

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How can you help?

Raising awareness of the AST is a good place to start. Keep the conversation about conservation flowing. If you invest in the Schöffel Fly Fiishing range, you will also be contributing to the AST and the important work that they do.

Read more about the AST HERE.  

Discover the Schöffel Fly Fishing collection here.

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