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Welcome to the brand new world of Schöffel Fly Fishing, with one percent of the turnover generated from the sales of our fly fishing range donated to the Atlantic Salmon Trust (AST).

Fly Fishing
Marcus fishing as a child.

It’s In Our Blood by Brand Director Marcus Janssen

Fly fishing is a passion of many of us at Schöffel. I am a self-confessed addict to fly fishing, there is nothing like the feel and sensation when your line tightens up and you hear the click of your reel as your fly swings through a pool. I have had a lifetime of trout fishing from my days growing up in South Africa to my years in New Zealand, fishing in crystal clear waters. I still say that the single most exciting moment in all country sports is the take of an Atlantic Salmon. The heart racing moment and excitement is something to behold. 

As Brand Director for Schoffel, a company that specialises in lightweight, technical and comfortable clothing specifically for country sports, I knew we had the knowledge and expertise to create the best wading jacket on the market. 

Two years on, we have developed two outstanding wading jackets. These have been tested by some of the best fly fishers, ghillies and experts not only in the UK but Norway, Iceland and Russia. Over 200 years of Schoffel design and heritage put into these two jackets and I am sure you will agree when you put them into action. 

Talking of action we are delighted to have partnered up with the Atlantic Salmon Trust and will be giving 1% of sales to the trust. As you will no doubt be aware wild salmon numbers have seen a huge decline over the last 25 years and the trust is the foremost, evidence based salmon conservation charity in the UK to try and put a halt to that. You can find out more about the Trust’s work here

It has been a true pleasure working through the development of the new fly fishing range from Schoffel and catching up with people who are as passionate about the sport as I am. Enjoy your fishing in 2021 and just take a moment when you are on the river to breathe it all in. 


The Salar Wading Jacket

Salar Wading Jacket
£ 529.95

Mayfly Fly Fishing Jacket

Mayfly Fly Fishing Jacket
£ 429.95

Marcus's Bucket List  

So many places still to fish but if I had to pick just one it would be the Yokanga in Russia. An enormous powerful beast of a river with truly wild, challenging salmon. 

Salar Jacket

Findhorn Technical Fishing Shirt

Findhorn Technical Fishing Shirt
£ 79.95

Annan Technical 1/4 Zip

Annan Technical 1/4 Zip
£ 159.95
Marcus through the years.

The Atlantic Salmon Trust

We have pledged to donate one percent of the turnover generated from the sales of our fly fishing range to the Atlantic Salmon Trust (AST), a charity dedicated to the conservation of wild salmon and sea trout at sea and in fresh water environments. Through stimulating research and sound science, the Atlantic Salmon Trust is the foremost evidence-based salmon conservation charity in the UK. Fighting to halt the dramatic decline in wild Atlantic salmon stocks, the Trust is on a mission to protect this iconic species and safeguard their future.

Atlantic Salmon Trust
Atlantic Salmon
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