AW20 - The Lockdown Series

25th August 2020 by

Introducing our new and exciting Autumn Winter Campaign, with a little help from our friends.

Lockdown Photoshoot

The anticipation was building back in March, as we set to embark on Drummond Castle for our AW20 photoshoot. Our office in Oakham was a flurry of excitement, and it was all hands-on deck as preparation was underway to shoot our stunning new collection in beautiful Perthshire. Suddenly everything came crashing down, the realisation that driving eight staff and eight models up to Scotland for four days for a photoshoot was looking risky and highly unlikely.

Andrea, Bryony and Edd
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Wondering how on earth we were going to promote any of our new collection with no imagery, we put our creative heads together and came up with a plan B. The Schoffel Country community is close knit, and we are proud to be a part of the countryside clan. We realised that in time of need, we needed to rely on our friends for a favour and so we are proud to introduce our #friendsofschoffel photoshoot. We carefully picked out some outfits and sent them off to our friends to shoot during the lockdown period. We wanted individuality, personality and for our chosen friends and influencers to tell their lockdown story, gaining some fantastic images of our new collection in each of their specific and unique locations.

Take a look at what they came up with, we’d love to know what you think!

Becky, Kate & Patrick
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Andrea Neira – Lawyer & Influencer @myshootingjourney

What did you enjoy most about the photoshoot?

I love working with my Husband as a team, together helping brands to reach potential clients that they may not reach.

Bryony Daniels – Producer, Stylist & Private PA

Favourite place in the UK for a country weekend?  

Always the Highlands, I am an open book. My heart lives there.

Edd Morrison – Sporting Agent

Favourite item of Schoffel clothing?

I own 7 Oakham Gilets! But the Ptarmigan Pro Coat is the best bit of kit. I wear it about 80 days a year.

Pip, Mike, Sarah Kate & Georgie
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Georgie Hannay - Influencer and Photographer @lifeinthecottage

What did you enjoy about doing the photoshoot?

Being on location, the photoshoot was very organic and relaxed. It is great being out in nature, with no structure and working with the natural light that day offers you.

George Gunn – Lifestyle Photographer

Favourite field sport to photograph?

Horses and hounds working together, the colours, steam rising and the atmosphere. It is hard to beat.

Kate Davies – Influencer @countrygrandeur

Top of your bucket list?

Competing side saddle

Patrick Tillard – Journalist & Owner of Afar Fishing

Favourite item of Schöffel clothing?

The Hybrid Fleece. I would sleep in it if it was socially acceptable.

Matt, Ted & Yuri
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Pip Wass – Co-founder and Creative Director of Flourish Management

Top of your bucket list?

I am taking Michael to Australia next year to watch the Ashes.

Sarah Kate Byrne – Stylist

Main challenges of the photoshoot?

As I am a stylist, I struggled not seeing what the photographer could see.

Ted Innes Kerr – Founder of Reiver Travel

What did you enjoy most about the photoshoot?

I loved trying a different tweed to our estate tweed, and I was seriously impressed with the quality.

Yuri Janssen – Brother of Brand Director Marcus, Photographer and Sporting Manager at Gleneagles Hotel

Where is your favourite place in the UK for a country weekend?

Glenlivet on Speyside

Richard, Emily & Katie
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