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20th April 2020 by

Schoffel Country Jean Buying Guide

Schoffel Jeans

“Jeans are always cool – and always evolving,” Vogue declared in 1999 and now in 2020, here at Schöffel we have decided to step into the market with a signature denim collection. As a country clothing brand, with our roots in the countryside, we decided it was only right that we make our mark on the wardrobe staple and thus, Emma, Heather and James, the quintessential blue denim jean was born.

One doesn’t simply go ‘jean shopping’. In fact, the very thought of a trip to the High Street to replace your favourite pair can strike fear in even the most confident shopper. This denim-related anxiety is no-doubt caused by the 100% cotton jeans of the past that are tight and unflattering. Somehow, this 100% cotton became a sign of quality and only ‘pure denim’ was free of any forgiving fabrics. It’s only in recent years that jean manufacturers have started offering jeans with a stretch and with stretch comes shape. This is even more important considering in 2020, it was reported by Oberlo that 63% of shopping begins online and so it’s only right that jeans should be cut to fit you (before and after a Sunday roast) and so that’s what our design team have done.

Emma Jean

The James Jean

The James Men’s Jean is the classic straight leg cut that can either look casual with a polo or be dressed up with one of our versatile shirts, such as the new Soft Oxford Shirt. The wash is dark, with a lighter shade over the knee, it is ultimately a flattering fit paired with a classic denim wash. The fabric is 80% Cotton, 18% Polyester and 2% Spandex; this means there is a two-way stretch ensuring flexibility while not compromising on the shape of the jeans.

The James Jean

James Jean
£ 109.95

The Soft Oxford Tailored Shirt

Holt Soft Oxford Tailored Shirt
£ 79.95
Sorry, this product is not currently available.

The Emma Jean

As soon as the sun starts shining, it’s hard to resist the urge to dress a little more summery. The Emma Jean is a ¾ length style with a four-way strength for optimum comfort. There are pretty contrast fabrics on the hem and waistline to give this jean the finishing touch. For the ultimate spring look, pair the Emma jean with the Salcombe Shirt in the elegant Harbour Stripe Pink.


The Emma 3/4 Jean

Emma 3/4 Jean
£ 0.00 £ 49.95

The Salcombe Shirt

Salcombe Shirt
£ 0.00 £ 29.95
Sorry, this product is not currently available.

The Heather Jean

For an all-weather, all-year-round wardrobe staple, Schöffel have created the Heather Jean. The shape is reminiscent of the original style from 1934, when the first Lady Levi was created. The fabric is still rich with cotton, but with the addition of polyester and Spandex to give you comfort through a four-way stretch. For the transition from Spring to Summer, the Heather Jean looks stylish paired with one of Schöffel’s timeless Sunningdale Shirts and a Lyndon fleece.

The Heather Jean

Heather Jean
£ 0.00 £ 44.95

The Sunningdale Shirt

Sunningdale Shirt
£ 0.00 £ 29.95
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