Black Friday: Our donation towards the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

25th November 2019 by

Black Friday: Saving our much-loved wading birds

This Black Friday Weekend and Cyber Monday, we will once again be making a £5 donation for every order placed on our website to the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT).*

Funds raised this year will go directly towards the GWCT’s ambitious new tracking programme which will help them to better understand why three of our most iconic bird species are in steep decline in the UK.

Curlew, lapwing and woodcock will be tagged and tracked. It’s the Trust’s biggest tracking project to date, which will be led by Dr. Andrew Hoodless, who is head of wetland research at the GWCT. “The fate of these red-listed species cannot change without a better understanding of their declines,” he said. Dr Hoodless and his team of scientific experts hope to tag 20 curlew, 20 lapwing and 50 woodcock next year.

Breeding curlews are disappearing fast, particularly in Ireland, Wales and lowland areas of England and Scotland. Adult curlews will be fitted with a GPS tag which gives scientists more information about the importance of habitat, food availability and predation in areas where these birds are disappearing fastest.

The tags will provide hourly locations for three to four years, enabling the team to determine adult feeding areas, movements outside the breeding season and links between breeding and wintering sites.

Lapwing & Curlew

Similarly, lapwing numbers are in sharp decline – falling by a third in just ten years. Although the main cause of the decline is poor breeding success, little is known about the movements of lapwing during the winter and the importance of links between breeding and wintering sites.

Finally, the GWCT’s current research through the Woodcock Watch tagging project has provided an insight into the migrations of woodcock wintering in Britain and Ireland. New GPS tags provide better data than the satellite tags they have previously used, providing not only valuable information on woodcock’s migratory movements but, most significantly, small scale movements at their continental breeding sites.


A fuller understanding of woodcock habitat-use in their Scandinavian and Russian strongholds will also allow GWCT scientists to compare prime woodcock habitats overseas with those available to our resident birds here in the UK.

*£5 per transaction will be donated for each transaction placed on the website from 00.01am on Friday 29th November to 11.59pm on Tuesday 3rd December. Donations will be made to the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (Registered charity no: 1112023 and SC038868). This promotion is only applicable when shopping online at

*The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust is a leading UK charity conducting conservation science to enhance the British countryside for public benefit. For over 80 years they have been researching and developing game and wildlife management techniques. They use research to provide training and advice on how best to improve the biodiversity of the countryside, working with farmers, landowners and conservationists nationwide.

Where necessary for the protection of native species, the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust works to restore and enhance natural habitats and recover displaced species.

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